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Full Cast of Our Class; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

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Full Cast of Our Class; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

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Full Cast of Our Class; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

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Kate Czajkowski, Allen Radway, Emilie Krause, Ross Beschler, Matteo Scammell, Ed Swidey, Dan Hodge, Kevin Meehan, and Krista Apple; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

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Kevin Meehan, Krista Apple, Allen Radway, Kate Czajkowski, Dan Hodge, and Ed Swidey; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

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Kevin Meehan, Krista Apple, Allen Radway, Dan Hodge, Ed Swidey, and Kate Czajkowski; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

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Michael Rubenfeld; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

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Ed Swidey, Dan Hodge, Kate Czajkowski, Kevin Meehan, and Emilie Krause; photo by Alexander Iziliaev.

Our Class
by Tadeusz Słobodzianek
english version by Ryan Craig
directed by Blanka Zizka
October 12, 2011November 13, 2011

Since its 2009 World Premiere at London’s National Theatre, audiences and critics have been deeply moved by the stories within this extraordinary play that spans eighty years, ranging between Poland and America. “I want to be a fireman.” “I want to be a teacher.” “I want to be a movie star.” Poland, 1925. As these Polish classmates – 5 Catholic, 5 Jewish – grow up, their lives take dramatically unexpected turns as their country is torn apart by invading armies, first Soviet and then German. Friend betrays friend and violence quickly escalates, reaching a crescendo that will forever haunt the survivors. Based on true events in the Polish town of Jedwabne and inspired in part by Jan Gross’ controversial book Neighbors, Our Class bravely explores a subject still debated today.

Press / News

"Rich stories…a strong cast…superbly realized…this production triumphs!"
— Review in Philadelphia City Paper
It’s tough, energized and revealing: extraordinary, provoking theater.
— Review in the Philadelphia Inquirer
"Over the course of 80 years, they - or their ghosts - struggle with one another and then with the memories of what takes place. They change or they don't change: hero, victim, villain, rescuer, murderer, watcher, enabler. Classmates. Neighbors."
— Preview Feature in the Philadelphia Inquirer
The play, said Zizka, asks an elemental question: Who are our neighbors; and how is it that people can turn on others they've known for so long and do such horrible things?
— Jewish Exponent
“Superb theater! You’re likely to find yourself stunned!”
— The Toronto Star
“A remarkable and powerful play!”
— London's Daily Telegraph
"A forceful play...superbly plotted!"
— London's Guardian


Krista Apple-Hodge • Zocha
Ross Beschler • Menachem
Kate Czajkowski • Rachelka/Marianna
Dan Hodge • Heniek
Emilie Krause • Dora
Kevin Meehan • Rysiek
Allen Radway • Zygmunt
Michael Rubenfeld • Abram
Matteo Scammell • Jakub Katz
Ed Swidey • Wladek

Production Team

Tadeusz Słobodzianek • Playwright
Ryan Craig • Adapter
Blanka Zizka • Director
Marsha Ginsberg • Set Designer
Oana Botez • Costume Designer
Thom Weaver • Lighting Designer
Daniel Perelstein • Sound Designer