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Charles L. Mee
Jiri Zizka
March 4, 2004April 18, 2004

The visionary author of last season’s hit Big Love strikes out in a bold new direction: a surreal romantic tragicomedy written with the wit of a post-modern Noel Coward. When Jonathan and Ariel come to his family’s summer home in the snowy wintertime, they think they’re in for some amorous solitude.  They couldn’t be more wrong. Suddenly, a variety of parents and neighbors barge in, with lovers in tow, and a wild dance of seduction and jealousy begins. Several of these people know each other a bit more intimately than they’ve let on. Love songs and emotional volcanoes, touching poetry and scathing epigrams, travesty and heartbreak, drowning and birth all whirl together in this stunningly unpredictable explosion of theater.

 • Edmund
 • Dr. Jacqueline Benoit


Julianna Zinkel • Ariel
Michael J. Ewing • Jonathan
Elizabeth Hess • Maria
John Wojda • Francois
Greg Wood • Frank
Prudence Wright Holmes • Bertha
Dale Soules • Hilda
Michael Laurence • Bob

Production Team

Jerry Rojo • Set Designer
Janus Stefanowicz • Costume Designer
Jerold R. Forsyth • Lighting Designer
Bill Moriarty • Sound Designer