by Charles L. Mee
Directed by Jiri Zizka
March 19, 2003April 26, 2003

An idyllic Italian villa. Suddenly, the golden summer evening is shattered by the arrival of fifty runaway brides, fleeing a mysterious arranged marriage. And a spectacular, unique piece of theater begins. A sensation at the famed Brooklyn Academy of Music, Big Love draws on almost every kind of theatrical performance to tell the story of some feisty women and the men who think they own them. Sizzling dialogue, vaudeville, slapstick, special effects, philosophical insights, violence, soaring poetry, pop songs, suspense, surrealistic dance -- all these and more paint a startling picture of the relations of men and women, and the nature of love, in our time. This is a transcendent theatrical journey full of joy, sadness, rage, humor and wisdom. No one who has seen it is ever likely to forget it.

 • Thyona


Danielle Langlois • Lydia
Ben Dibble • Giuliano
Amy Gorbey • Olympia
Carmen Roman • Bella
Robert Ari • Piero
Steven Rishard • Constantine
Michael J. Ewing • Oed
Paolo Andino • Nikos
Carmen Roman • Eleanor
Robert Ari • Leo
Adrianna Carey • Bride
Madi Distefano • Bride
Mary McCool • Bride
Julianna Zinkel • Bride
David James Bender • Groom
Benjamin Kanes • Groom

Production Team

J. Alex Cordaro • Groom