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The Magic Fire
by Lillian Groag
directed by Blanka Zizka
December 4, 2002January 5, 2003

Meet the Berg family -- a chaotic mix of Jews and Gentiles, Viennese and Italians, cultured intellectuals and self-dramatizing prima donnas. Soaring classical music is as much a part of their lives as raucous family get-togethers -- and raucous family arguments. You'll enjoy the rowdy, delightful comedy of this memorable group, and you'll never forget the heartbreaking drama that overtakes them.


Robin Moseley • Lise
Samantha Wischnia • Lise 2
Martin Rayner • Otto Berg
Susan Wilder • Amalia Berg
Janis Dardaris • Elena Guarneri
Charles Antalosky • Gianni "Juan" Guarneri
Angela Pietropinto • Paula Gaurneri
Dan Kern • General Henri Fontannes
James Gale • Alberto Barcos
Kaye Kingston • Maddelena Guarneri
Jo Twiss • Rosa ArrĂșa
Mikel Sarah Lambert • Clara Stepaneck
James Gale • Giovanni
Janis Dardaris • Young Maddalena
Susan Wilder • Leila

Production Team

David P. Gordon • Set Designer
Janus Stefanowicz • Costume Designer
Russell H. Champa • Lighting Designer
Paul Peterson • Original Sound Designer