a U.S. premiere by Robert William Sherwood
directed by Blanka Zizka
September 20, 2000October 22, 2000

It's been a tough presidential primary season (sound familiar?). Jerry, a campaign manager so ruthless that his picture should be next to the word in the dictionary, is sitting on top of the world: his candidate is leading in the polls. And then it happens - a tiny little wisp of... scandal. Dangled in front of him by an equally ferocious rival, it comes from a totally unexpected area of the front-runner's life. Jerry has less than a day to find the problem and crush it, while his candidate must face an agonizing choice. In this riveting political thriller, a surprise hit on the London fringe, masters of spin play a high stakes chess game where the first prize is your government.  Selected for the 2000 London Critics' Choice Season by Time Out Magazine.

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