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In the Next Room, or the vibrator play
by Sarah Ruhl
directed by Blanka Zizka
March 2, 2011April 3, 2011

It’s the dawn of electricity.  Mr. Thomas Edison has become a personal hero of Dr. Givings who begins harnessing this newfound power to treat hysterical patients at his home with an experimental electric apparatus.  But as the peculiar buzzing sounds from his office grow louder, Mrs. Givings’ curiosity gets the best of her, exposing cracks in the very foundation of their marriage.  A 2010 Tony® Nominee for Best Play and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, In the Next Room boldly explores sexuality and intimacy by combining historical facts with deep emotion and mischievous humor.  

“Insightful, fresh, and funny, the play is as rich in thought as it is in feeling!” - The New York Times

Press / News

"Splendidly, provocatively produced!"
— Philadelphia City Paper
"Powerful moments of raw emotion!"
— Philadelphia Weekly
"From the first glimpse of the breathtaking set to the last beautifully quiet moment, the Wilma's blushingly intimate production is not to be missed!"
— Philadelphia Magazine


Mairin Lee • Catherine Givings
Kate Czajkowski • Sabrina Daldry
John C. Vennema • Mr. Daldry
Luigi Sottile • Leo Irving
Krista Apple-Hodge • Annie
Opal Alladin • Elizabeth
Jeremiah Wiggins • Dr. Givings

Production Team

Sarah Ruhl • Playwright
Blanka Zizka • Director
Alexis Distler • Set Designer
Oana Botez • Costume Designer
Thom Weaver • Lighting Designer
Christopher Colucci • Sound Designer
Teri Rambo • Singer