by Leslye Headland
directed by David Kennedy
January 2, 2013February 3, 2013


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Earlier this week, METRO published an article about our current production of Assistance by Leslye Headland. In the article, actor Kate Czajkowski describes her own experience working for a horrible boss in a knick-knack shop:

"He would berate those of us who worked there on a regular basis. Our paychecks were constantly bouncing and he was a total jerk to us, so it was pretty frequent that he would lose it on someone and they would walk out the door grabbing a couple things on their way. Most of us left that place with a really amazing sugar bowl."

Horrible bosses, or “Bosszillas,” have been a wellspring for comic fodder. Consider Meryl Streep’s vicious Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada or the more self-serving and wildly inappropriate David Brent, played by Ricky Gervais the UK television series The Office

Whispers and rumors of real-life Bosszillas feed the gossip mill of corporate America, and for a ‘can-it-be-true?’ laugh, we wanted to share some of our favorite Bosszilla lore.

- Model Naomi Campbell is notorious for altercations with her staff and has been accused 10 times for assaulting her employees. More often than not, the abuse cases involve Campbell throwing a Blackberry or hitting an employee with a phone.  Naomi’s Wikipedia

 - Anna Wintour once forced two body guards to carry her down five flights of stairs and into a waiting limo rather than take the elevator. Tim Gunn's Gossip

- Martha Stewart once exclaimed to Project Runway host Tim Gunn, "Who let you in here with that? I don't allow Diet Coke in this studio. It's not to be anywhere around me. I'm going to find out who's done this!" Tim Gunn's Gossip

- Scott Rudin, Hollywood and Broadway producer, bans his assistants from riding the subway because it renders them unavailable by cell. Wall Street Journal

- Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood and Broadway producer( and former boss of playwright Leslye Headland), has four assistants sit outside his office.

We would love to hear funny anecdotes about your Bosszilla, past or present. Anonymity guaranteed.


Photo: Ricky Gervais as David Brent, The Office (UK)


I had a boss who fired 7 people blamed it on the resession and bought a house in France with their paychecks and made the employees he kept do the work of those he fired. He also put people's jobs on Craigslist without telling them anything was wrong. He would sexually harass all the women in the office. Fired a girl while she was on vacation because she wasn't perky enough or flirt with him. Asked someone in an interview to cut his hair before coming into work. Used company money to stay at the most expensive hotels and would chew you out if he was booked in a chain hotel, like a Mariott or Sheraden.

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