by William Shakespeare
directed by Blanka Zizka
March 25, 2015May 2, 2015

Hamlet set in process


Check out these behind-the-scenes images of the set for Hamlet!

Our crew and design team is hard at work to create Hamlet's Denmark on the Wilma's stage. As you'll see in the pics, our design, envisioned by Matt Saunders, incorporates various elements of Street Art, like wheatpasting and graffiti. We are proud to work with Philadelphia-based Street Artist CERA on the creation of our set. The lettering you see is done by Juan Deminda.

CERA is a street artist currently based out of Philadelphia. He received his BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2012 with an emphasis in printmaking. After graduating, CERA pursued opportunities for working out east. He has exhibited work on and off the street in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Seoul. This is his first experience working as a part of a set design team.

Incorporating graffiti by Street Artist CERA into the set, Matt Saunder’s design evokes a modern sensibility within a classic text. Paired with contemporary costumes with an Elizabethan flair by Vasilija Zivanic, and original, contemporary musical themes composed by Alex Games and Emma Violet, Zizka has collaborated with a design team to create a physical and aural world for the play in which corrupt royalty is surrounded by decaying society.





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