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With the opening of the 2014/15 Season and Rapture, Blister, Burn, we are thrilled to launch Wilma WynTix: Big Theater. Small Prices. Subsidized tickets by the Wyncote Foundation. Our goal is to make the living, adventurous art we create on our stage affordable and available to a much broader audience. This new initiative complements and builds upon the highly successful Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Family Campaign to Build the Audiences of Tomorrow.

All tickets for the four-week subscription run of Wilma productions are now enjoyed by the general public at the subsidized rate of $25 and $10 for students and theater artists. What happens if we extend a show beyond four weeks? Ticket prices will revert to the standard Philadelphia regional theater price of $45 and upgrade fees will apply. That is why we encourage you to come early and come often! We also enlist your support to spread the word: bring friends, family, and colleagues, and help promote the vitality of living, adventurous art in Greater Philadelphia.

I have given a lot of curtain speeches in my career, but I have never heard as compelling a case to not just silence your electronic devices, but to turn them off completely, as when I saw Dan Hodge (The Real Thing, Our Class) introduce and perform Shakespeare’s Rape of Lucrece for the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective. He pointed out that so much interaction nowadays occurs in isolation between an individual and the device in one’s palm. The gaze is always downward. Human-to-human engagement—making eye contact—sadly is dying in our culture. He then proceeded to thoroughly engage an entire room, making eye contact throughout, using only a 400-year-old poem, a trunk, a candle, and a glove.

And so, we invite you to silence your electronic devices and encounter the stories we have to share as we embark on our bold, new Wilma WynTix initiative. Modelled closely after Signature Theatre’s “A Generation of Access,” Wilma WynTix and its success in broadening our audience will be carefully monitored and assessed during the weeks and months to come. We are not yet in a position to emulate Signature Theatre and offer subsidized tickets to an entire generation. But then again, Signature Theatre started their program as a one-year initiative, and from there it blossomed. We already have an unprecedented number of new subscribers to the Wilma this season and we extend a special welcome to them to Gina Gionfriddo’s Rapture, Blister, Burn.

In closing, I would be remiss if I did not mention the incredible generosity of the Wyncote Foundation at the recommendation of Leonard C. Haas in fulfilling our dreams to make Wilma WynTix a reality. We invite others who have the means to join Leonard in making theater affordable and available to everyone. Help us to go beyond a three-year initiative and join Signature Theatre in providing a generation of access and beyond. Who knows what electronic media will be available to us ten years from now? Let’s continue to invest in actual human encounters.

Enjoy Wilma WynTix! Enjoy the show!


James Haskins
Managing Director


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