Meet our Lambs!

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Our lambs for Curse of the Starving Class arrived safely last Saturday! We thought it would be nice to give everyone some background on our new friends.

The lambs used in this production are purebred Southdowns which are known for their gentle disposition. They were removed from their mothers because the mothers delivered more babies than she could raise. They are healthy, bottle fed lambs and every effort is being made to ensure their continued health. They are owned by the Manatawna/Saul 4-H Club which is located here in Philadelphia. Members of the club are carefully monitoring the care of the animals while they are with the theater.

The club gives youth from the city and the surrounding area the opportunity to work with livestock and travel with the animals to compete in shows. These lambs are registered with the Southdown breed association to individual 4-H’ers and will be project animals for those individuals for the next two years. At that time they will go into production for the club and hopefully their genetics will improve the quality of the club’s flock.

The lambs were born at the J&B Miller Farm in Clinton, PA, which is near Pittsburgh. They came to Philadelphia with the help of Gary Kwisnek, another prominent Soutdown breeder.

We are pleased to announce that our Facebook followers have named our lambs! Bahnka Zizbah, Lady Bahbah, and Justin Sheeper - welcome to the Wilma!

UPDATED 3/9/12: In response to concerns expressed to us regarding the ethical treatment of the lambs, we would like to share more information regarding the selection of these three lambs:

The two mothers of the three lambs (two are sisters) have mammary issues that prevent them from providing enough milk for all of their lambs.  Whether at the farm or here at the theater, they would have been removed from their mother to prevent the malnourishment of themselves and their siblings.  They are receiving exactly the same care and feeding that they would receive at the farm they are from.  We have done very careful research regarding the care and feeding of the lambs and have obtained the necessary permit from the City of Philadelphia and certification from a veterinarian. We have hired a caretaker specifically for the show, and he bottle feeds the lambs three times a day. When the show has concluded, the lambs will go to the care of a local 4-H club that has been helping with this process all along the way.




We just saw the production and the lamb should be nominated for a Barrymore! The rest of the cast was also excellent - THANKS from happy subscribers!

What a lucky bunch of lambs!!! You are a lucky bunch of humans, as well! Southdowns are perhaps the most gentle and loving lambs to work with! They are often in the hands of the youngest or disabled showmen because of their disposition. Additionally, they are very easy to feed and care for, and will make great additions to the FFA flock! The quality of available lamb in the Philly area will skyrocket!! Enlisting the help of multi-award winning Southdown breeder Gary Kwisnek will ensure a smooth journey for all!! Best of luck!

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