What's your favorite Passing Strange song?



As the Wilma Staff prep for next season, the Passing Strange soundtrack is on everyone’s ears. Check out the top songs on Passing Strange soundtrack according to the Wilma staff. 


To fully appreciate this post listen to the Passing Strange soundtrack playlist by clicking here. 


Prologue (We Might Play All Night)


“Those first few guitar chords say it all. Every time I hear them I get so pumped for the rest of the album and the show!” – Alison Ehrenreich, Community Relations and Marketing Director 

Memorable Lyric:
We're gonna do a little play
since you came for that.
A play where this band tells
you where it's at,
So just follow along



Arlington Hill


“I love the unique music and interesting melody on this track. It comes at an intriguing moment of discovery in the musical.” – James Haskins, Managing Director

Memorable Lyric:
Oh she sees you there
In the rearview
Choking on smoke and 
trying to be cool





“I love the way this song’s sunny melody — and Miss Renata Holiday — capture a rosy-glassed, American idealization of Europe.” – Patrick Ross, Writing and Research Specialist

Memorable Lyric:
Amsterdam, spring sunshine,
and the vibe is alive and the girls look fine
He sits in a cafe,
like Baldwin in the day.


Baptist Fashion Show


“I love ‘Baptist Fashion Show’ because of the chill beat and the storytelling. It’s almost dreamlike in its imagery.” – Ryanne Domingues, External Relations Director

Memorable Lyric:
Now the church on Adams Boulevard is usually a bore.
The ladies wave fans and the old men snore.
The kids cut up on cue in the very back pew,
And the Holy Ghost ain't been here since 1972.




Church Blues Revelation/Freight Train


"It's amazing, the idea of being able to “handle the real” and the myriad of meanings that lyric holds, beyond just about God. I also just love the music of the song." - Jenny Ruymann, Education Assistant

Memorable Lyric:
Now, is God real?
Yes, He's real!
Well, can you deal with the real?
We can deal with the real!




Come Down Now


“My favorite song is, ‘Come Down Now.’ I’ve been singing it for weeks now!” – Kellie Mecleary, Producing Artistic Associate

Memorable Lyric:
I've been listening to you talking in your sleep. It's a strange poetry.
You're always running from something, it seems.



Merci Beaucoup, M. Godard


I’ve never been one to listen to the music of a show before attending the performance, so listening to the music of Passing Strange before seeing the show felt like listening to a radio play. The lyrics are incredibly vivid. What struck me though was one in particular, “la la la”. I don’t know if you consider it a lyric, but the meaning of “la la la la” changes throughout the album. Sometimes it’s used musically, sometimes it feels like a wink, sometimes it’s used as a big F-You, and then a wink. I la la la love that!” – Lee Ann Etzold, Audience-as-Artist Program Director



What's your favorite Passing Strange song? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @TheWilmaTheater.

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