Blood Wedding

By Federico García Lorca
Translated by Nahuel Telleria
Directed by Csaba Horváth
October 25, 2017November 19, 2017

Meet the Artists


Ross Beschler • Woodsman/The Moon
Taysha Marie Canales • The Mother-in-Law/The Maid
Sarah Gliko • Leonardo's Wife
Justin Jain • Woodsman
Jered McLenigan • The Groom
Campbell O Hare • The Bride
Jaylene Clark Owens • The Mother
Brett Ashley Robinson • The Neighbor/The Young Woman/Beggar
Matteo Scammell • Woodsman
Lindsay Smiling • Leonardo
Ed Swidey • The Bride's Father

Production Team

Federico Garcia Lorca • Playwright
Nahuel Telleria • Translator
Csaba Horvath • Director & Choreographer
Thom Weaver • Scenic & Lighting Designer
Oana Botez • Costume Designer
Larry D. Fowler, Jr. • Sound Designer
Csaba Ökrös • Composer
Walter Bilderback • Dramaturg
Clayton Tejada • Production Manager
Patreshettarlini Adams • Resident Stage Manager / AEA
Csaba Ökrös

Csaba Ökrös is a professional musician and composer, specializing in traditional Hungarian and regional folk string music. He has worked extensively with director and choreographer Csaba Horváth in Hungary and across Europe, particularly as the Composer and Music Director for many of the plays performed by the Forte Company. Notable productions include Kristof’s The Notebook (in 2013), Edmundson’s The Clearing (in 2014), Hungarian Elektra (in 2014 at Csíky Gergely Theatre), Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (in 2015), Tarr’s Your Country (in 2016), and Hauptmann’s Rats (in 2017). Ökrös studied at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest where he then became a teacher of violin in 2009. In 1986, he created the Ökrös Esemble. The group has performed with the Symphonic Orchestras of Brooklyn, Miami, Philadelphia, and Oregon. Collaborating with Horváth since at least 2013, Ökrös has established himself as a critical member of this distinguished director’s creative team for productions in their home country of Hungary and beyond.