Meet the Artists


Keith J. Conallen • Don Juan
Kate Czajkowski • Cressida
Melanye Finister • Company Actor
Yvette Ganier • Company Actor
Sarah Gliko • Company Actor
Hannah Gold • Company Actor
Kevin Meehan • Company Actor
Brian Ratcliffe • Company Actor
Lindsay Smiling • Company Actor

Production Team

Paula Vogel • Playwright
Blanka Zizka • Director
Matt Saunders • Set Designer
Thom Weaver • Lighting Designer
Vasilija Zivanic • Costume Designer
Daniel Perelstein • Composer & Sound Designer
Patreshettarlini Adams • Stage Manager
Kevin Meehan

Kevin is excited to be back on the Wilma stage (Don Juan..., Assistance, Our Class, Macbeth)! A Wilma HotHouse and New Paradise Laboratories company member, he has also collaborated with Azuka, the Arden, the Lantern, Delaware Shakes, PlayPenn, InterAct, Simpatico, Theatre Horizon, Lightning Rod Special, Ninth Planet, the Pig Iron School, and University of the Arts. He is the recipient of an Independence Foundation Fellowship, an F. Otto Haas Award Semi-finalist, and an Outstanding Scenic Design Barrymore Award Nominee. Deepest love and gratitude to Blanka and the Wilma family for the opportunity, his family and friends for their support, and of course Susanne for being the most wonderful partner.