by Václav Havel
translated by Paul Wilson
directed by Jiri Zizka
starring Oscar® nominee David Strathairn
May 19, 2010June 20, 2010

Meet the Artists

 • Production Manager


Krista Apple-Hodge • Monika
Janis Dardaris • Grandma
Mark Cairns • Albín
Mike Dees • Bob
Peter DeLaurier • Hanuš
Victoria Frings • Zuzanna
Leonard C. Haas • Dick
Trevor Long • Klein
Mary McCool • Bea
Kathryn Meisle • Irena
Jennifer R. Morris • Vlasta
Geddeth Smith • Oswald
Luigi Sottile • Victor
David Strathairn • Dr. Vilém Rieger
H. Michael Walls • Knobloch

Production Team

Jiri Zizka • Director
Václav Havel • Playwright
Paul Wilson • Translator
Klara Zieglerova • Set Designer
Vasilija Zivanic • Costume Designer
Jerold R. Forsyth • Lighting Designer
Nick Rye • Sound Designer
 • Dramaturg
Patreshettarlini Adams • Stage Manager
Peter DeLaurier

Peter DeLaurier (Hanuš) is pleased to return to the Wilma where he last worked in Statements After an Arrest... Peter is an Artistic Associate and company member at Peoples Light where he has worked since 1981 in such shows as Six Characters... and Man from Nebraska (Barrymore nominations), King Lear, Nathan the Wise, In the Blood, Sister Carrie and the international tour of Kabuki Achilles. He has directed and acted at the Lantern where he won the Barrymore for Underneath the Lintel.  He has published three plays including Anne of Green Gables (Barrymore nomination). Peter has directed at PLT and at theatres around the country, serving as Artistic Director of New Stage Theatre in Jackson, MS. With his wife, actress Ceal Phelan, he co-founded The Delaware Theatre Company in 1978.