by Václav Havel
translated by Paul Wilson
directed by Jiri Zizka
starring Oscar® nominee David Strathairn
May 19, 2010June 20, 2010

Meet the Artists

 • Production Manager


Krista Apple-Hodge • Monika
Janis Dardaris • Grandma
Mark Cairns • Albín
Mike Dees • Bob
Peter DeLaurier • Hanuš
Victoria Frings • Zuzanna
Leonard C. Haas • Dick
Trevor Long • Klein
Mary McCool • Bea
Kathryn Meisle • Irena
Jennifer R. Morris • Vlasta
Geddeth Smith • Oswald
Luigi Sottile • Victor
David Strathairn • Dr. Vilém Rieger
H. Michael Walls • Knobloch

Production Team

Jiri Zizka • Director
Václav Havel • Playwright
Paul Wilson • Translator
Klara Zieglerova • Set Designer
Vasilija Zivanic • Costume Designer
Jerold R. Forsyth • Lighting Designer
Nick Rye • Sound Designer
 • Dramaturg
Patreshettarlini Adams • Stage Manager
Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson (Translator) is a freelance writer, editor, radio producer and translator. Born in Ontario and educated at the University of Toronto and King's College, University of London, England, he spent ten years in Czechoslovakia (1967-1977) where he was eventually expelled by the Communist government for his association with the dissident movement, particularly for his involvement with the underground music scene as a member of the legendary rock band, The Plastic People of the Universe. On his return to Canada, he was active in promoting the work of dissident writers and musicians during the remaining years of totalitarianism. With Ivan Hartel, he founded a record company, called Bozi Mlyn, to publish the recorded music of The Plastic People and other Czech underground musicians. He also began writing for magazines and became a regular contributor to Shades, Books in Canada and The Idler magazine and was distinguished for his translations of Czech writers such as Josef Skvorecky, Václav Havel, Ivan Klima, and Bohumil Hrabal. His translation of The Engineer of Human Souls by Skoverecky was awarded the Governor General's Award for Fiction in 1984.  He has contributed essays, articles and reviews to many North American and European publications, including The New Yorker, Globe and Mail, and The Toronto Star. He was associate editor of The Idler magazine, senior editor of Saturday Night magazine, review editor of the National Post, and he contributed to the founding of The Walrus magazine in 2003 as Deputy Editor and Editor until his resignation in 2004. As a radio journalist, he has written and produced several major documentary series for CBC Radio. He is one of the major translators into English of Václav Havel's work including The Beggar's Opera, To The Castle and Back, and most recently, Leaving.