The Understudy

by Theresa Rebeck
directed by David Kennedy
December 29, 2010January 30, 2011

Meet the Artists


Brad Coolidge • Jake
Jenn Harris • Roxanne
Cody Nickell • Harry

Production Team

Theresa Rebeck • Playwright
David Kennedy • Director
Andrew Boyce • Set Designer
Maiko Matsushima • Costume Designer
Sarah Sidman • Lighting Designer
Christopher Colucci • Sound Designer
Jaye Allison • Choreographer
Theresa Rebeck

Theresa Rebeck (Playwright) has written over a dozen plays, and is one of the most produced female playwrights in America. Her productions include Mauritius, The Scene, The Water’s Edge, Loose Knit, The Family of Mann, Spike Heels, Bad Dates, The Butterfly Collection, Our House, and View of the Dome. Her work Omnium Gatherum (co-written) was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2003. Also an accomplished author, her most recent novel, Twelve Rooms with a View, was published in May 2010. In television, she has written for Dream On, Brooklyn Bridge, L.A. Law, American Dreamer, Maximum Bob, First Wave, Third Watch, Canterbury’s Law, Smith, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and NYPD Blue. Her produced feature films include Harriet the Spy and Gossip, as well as Sunday on the Rocks and Seducing Charlie Barker, an adaptation of her play The Scene. She holds an MFA in Playwriting and a PhD in Victorian Melodrama, both from Brandeis University. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.