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Krista Hoeppner as Rhoda, Mary Martello as Mary, and Larisa Polonsky as Monica; photo by Jim Roese.

Age of Arousal
By Linda Griffiths
Wildly inspired by George Gissing's The Odd Women
Directed by Blanka Zizka
December 5, 2007January 6, 2008

Dare to enter the boldly uncensored world of loosened corsets as five Victorian women pursue a new age where erotic and economic freedom reign supreme. It’s 1885, and a population imbalance leaves England flooded with half a million more women than men. The Women’s Suffrage Movement is invigorated by the rise in numbers as non-married ”Odd Women” fight with passion, clarity, and confusion for sexual and financial independence. Determined to make women rich, a former militant Suffragette battles for equal opportunity and enlists female students to master the technology of the male-dominated workplace. But when a charismatic man with new ideas is thrust amongst the women, their most passionately held beliefs are thrown into question. Can women remain friends when a man comes between them? Is it possible for two people to love as equals? Sexy, fresh, and vibrantly funny, Age of Arousal is a modern look at forbidden Victorian desires on the brink of explosion.

Press / News

“Fascinating [and] hysterical…the production is handsome and the acting admirable!”
“The acting is glorious!”
— Philadelphia Weekly
“A bold production…sincere and enlightening!”
— City Paper
 • Set Designer


Eric Martin Brown • Everard Barfoot
Monique Fowler • Alice Madden
Krista Hoeppner • Rhoda Nunn
Mary Martello • Mary Barfoot
Larisa Polonsky • Monica Madden
Roxanne Wellington • Virginia Madden

Production Team

Linda Griffiths • Playwright
Blanka Zizka • Director
Janus Stefanowicz • Costume Designer
Russell Champa • Lighting Designer
Troy Herion • Sound Designer